Learning, leaving and looking back

Someone currently living in a serene island of Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia told me that when he left his native country, never to go back, and decided to settle in a place very different than the one he came from, learning a new language and relearning new ways to live was like being a newborn again – everything is exciting but you are also quite vulnerable. My move to Cambodia for this internship was not as drastic of a change as his, but I could definitely relate to being wide-eyed excited about learning new things every day and at times feeling completely out of place. Continue reading Learning, leaving and looking back

The dilemmas

If I recall this correctly, in Dr. GK’s curriculum class, she once did an exercise where we had to choose between certain education ideologies – knowledge centered or student centered; social efficiency or social reconstruction. We made our choices, stood beside the white boards with the initials of the ideology in big black letters, gave our reasons for choosing the particular ideology and defended it. … Continue reading The dilemmas