IEDPers: On Being A Graduate Resident Advisor (GRA)

Dear Future IEDPers, Moving to a new country and paying so much for your course can be overwhelming! Well, here are several opportunities for you to cut-down costs of living in Philly and build your skill-set: IEDP Graduate Assistant (GA): As an IEDP GA, you work on strengthening the IEDP community through social media, events, and any other support the program faculty may need! You … Continue reading IEDPers: On Being A Graduate Resident Advisor (GRA)

Spotlight On…Brandon’s Internship & Job with UNESCO!

I recently spoke with Brandon, a 2021 IEDP graduate who is now working full-time at UNESCO Bangkok, where he completed a remote internship during spring semester 2021. Brandon was raised in Tennessee, and — prior to IEDP — worked in Bangkok as an English teacher.   Brandon has shared his experiences on the blog before — You can read more about his decision to apply to … Continue reading Spotlight On…Brandon’s Internship & Job with UNESCO!

Spotlight On…Erin’s Doctoral Studies!

I recently had the chance to connect with Erin, an IEDP alumna who graduated in 2017. Erin is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Hawaiʻi and working as a consultant. Erin graciously agreed to answer questions about both the IEDP experience and her decision to pursue a doctorate. Check out Erin’s video below! Continue reading Spotlight On…Erin’s Doctoral Studies!

Spotlight On…IEDP GAs!

Each year, the IEDP program has a team of several Graduate Assistants — GAs — who support various aspects of the program. The GAs work behind the scenes to publish content that highlights the program. And hugely important in shaping the IEDP community are our many events throughout the year (check out the highlights on Instagram)– also organized by the IEDP GAs. Quick links: YouTube … Continue reading Spotlight On…IEDP GAs!

Spotlight On…Resident Advisors!

I recently sat down with Anishka and Paula, two first-year IEDP students who are Resident Advisors (RAs). Anishka is from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Paula (remember her?!) is from Ibagué, Colombia.  Anishka is an RA for Gregory College House, and Paula is an RA for New College House.  I don’t serve as an RA myself, but several people in my cohort do. I wanted to … Continue reading Spotlight On…Resident Advisors!

Spotlight On….Lauren!: A Q&A with our IEDP Program Coordinator

Before I officially enrolled as an IEDP student, I had a lot of questions. Because the IEDP Program Coordinator’s contact information is listed clearly on the IEDP page, I first reached out to the wonderful Lauren Scicluna when I was thinking about applying (….and then again when I started my application….and when I was weighing the admissions offer….and as I waited for the program to … Continue reading Spotlight On….Lauren!: A Q&A with our IEDP Program Coordinator