Reflecting On My Internship

I still remember my very first day of internship and now it’s approaching to an end. In this blog, I would like to share some of my reflections on the past 4 months. During my internship, I’m mainly responsible for two projects. One is about Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MLE) and the other one is related to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).  MLE  … Continue reading Reflecting On My Internship

My Top 10 Favorite Things in Bangkok

Hi everyone I’m Lijin. My internship is going well so far but I would like to share something other than work in this blog. There’re many amazing places in Bangkok and here are my top 10 favorites. 1. Office Yes, office is one of my favorite places. I came to the Bangkok knowing no one and it was people in the office that made it … Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Things in Bangkok

Working in Bangkok

Hi everyone I’m Lijin. As two thirds of my internship has past, I’ll share some of my working experience with my organization in this blog. My organization held many conferences during my internship, so in the past 9 weeks, I spent half of my time in office and another half in hotels supporting different conferences and meetings. Days in office Working time is pretty flexible … Continue reading Working in Bangkok

Start of a New Journey

Hey everyone my name is Lijin and I started my internship in Bangkok early September this year. Although my visa application started 9 weeks before, I was so pressed for time that I got my Thai visa one day before the flight departure. But anyway, I caught my flight, arrived Bangkok on time and fall in love with the city immediately. First impression of the … Continue reading Start of a New Journey

The Warm Heart of Africa

  Since arriving in Malawi, I have constantly heard the phrase that Malawi is the ‘Warm Heard of Africa’. Over the past three months as I reflect on my internship and the people I have met and the experiences I have had, I have realized that truly it is the Warm Heart of Africa. From day one, I was welcomed with open arms by nearly … Continue reading The Warm Heart of Africa

Managing in Malawi

It has now been just over 2 months here in Malawi, I have had lots of diverse learning opportunities in fact since writing my last blog I have been much busier than expected, particularly since my first month here was a little slower. The main project I am working through at the organization is based on Tax justice and the provision of gender-responsive public services … Continue reading Managing in Malawi

November Blessings

My previous blogs for September and October, which detailed my arrival in Paris and my trainee-ship at UNESCO, were quite verbose. I have, therefore, decided for this third post to be a picture blog in chronological order. Side note: while we were still studying at Penn in Philadelphia, we would try and come up with instagram and twitter hashtags for IEDP (International Educational Development Program), … Continue reading November Blessings

Déjà vu?

My internship placement process turned out to be unexpectedly chaotic. I opted to take my remaining two classes over the summer and complete the internship in the Fall. Originally, I was supposed to be placed with an organization in Italy. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t come to fruition due to some unexpected issues between my graduate program and the hosting organization. I want to say that … Continue reading Déjà vu?

What’s internship like?- Dakar edition

Since it’s been a while since I wrote a post, I’ll start by (re)introducing myself. My name is Gaby and I’ve been interning in Dakar, Senegal, as a part of the International Educational Development Program at Upenn, since the beginning of June. As promised in my last blog post, I want to give an overview of the work I’ve been doing. I work as part … Continue reading What’s internship like?- Dakar edition