My Top 10 Favorite Things in Bangkok

Hi everyone I’m Lijin. My internship is going well so far but I would like to share something other than work in this blog. There’re many amazing places in Bangkok and here are my top 10 favorites.

1. Office

Yes, office is one of my favorite places. I came to the Bangkok knowing no one and it was people in the office that made it so easy for me to fit in to the strange city and start to have a life. It is and will always be a special place for me because of friends I made and memories I have here.

2. Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC)

BACC is a beautiful circular white building located at city center. There are 8 floors in the building. While the top floors are for exhibition, you can also find many art studios, cafes and souvenir shops on lower floors. The design of BACC is amazing and the there are so many great pieces of work that you can spend the whole afternoon to appreciate. I especially enjoyed their Arts Therapy exhibition. The items on display were both visually and emotionally impactful and they really created an atmosphere that will absorb you into the artists’ inner world. 

3. Wat Arun

Thailand is famous for its temples and Wat Arun is my favorite in Bangkok. The temple is a beautiful white building with a high spire decorated with pieces of colored porcelains. It’s located by the river and has a very special sunset view.

4. Roof Top Bar

I have explored quite a few roof-top bars with friends and colleagues after work. You can always enjoy both sublime cocktails and the stunning city view from roof top bars in Bangkok. My favorite one is Octave near my office where you can have 50% off for some cocktails from 5-7pm.

View from Octave

5. Night Market

There are plenty of cool things to do in Bangkok when night falls and night market is something you need to experience. There’re plenty of night markets spread out in the city with a diverse range of street food, souvenirs, Thai style clothes as well as other products. The energy of a night market is very different from other places and this is where you can get a closer look of local life.

6. Thai Massage

Going to Thai massage on Saturday is my new weekly routine. After a week a hard work, it’s very relaxing to let the masseuse to stretch your tiring body and tense muscles. The affordable price is another reason why I do it every week, only 7 USD is needed to enjoy an hour of massage. 

Me feeling satisfied after my massage

7. Motorbike

Motorbike became my favorite means of transportation after taking it for the first time. It’s an amazing experience when I thought I would be late for work but my driver drove through the congested cars and buses and sent me to office on time. I always use motorbike whenever I’m in a rush since then as motorbike is indeed an efficient way to go somewhere. However, drivers in Bangkok drive very fast, taking a motorbike could be both exciting and scary and therefore helmet is a must.

8. Sanyan CO-OP

I’m the kind of person who can not work or study at home. So when my friend first showed me the learning place, I knew this is where I’m going to finish my IEDP internship assignments. It’s new, good-looking, comfortable and free-entrance as well. You can use sky reading zone where you sit by the window and enjoy the city view while working. I sometimes go to focus zone that is very quiet and has no distractions. There’re also open reading areas and group study room where you can stay for a whole day.

9. Terminal 21

There are many super fancy malls in Bangkok and Terminal 21 is definitely not one of them. However, it is very unique because each floor is decorated based on a world’s best known cities such as Tokyo, Paris and Istanbul. You can not only find international brands in the mall but also beautiful Thai style clothings designed by local designers. Besides, They have the best food court among shopping malls of same level regarding price and number of choices.

10. Pad Thai

Thai food is one of those things that complete my stay in Thailand. They have so many great Thai cuisines such as mango sticky rice, green curry chicken and so on. But if you can only try one Thai cuisine, I would definitely recommend Pad Thai. It is a mix of rice noodles, shrimp, eggs and vegetables with sweet, sour and salty tastes. I like it so much that I even took a cooking class to learn to cook it myself. 

Pad Thai I cooked during cooking class

Nov. 30, 2019

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