Internship reflections

Summaries appear in several ways, though they always depend on the situation. For this internship, they can be formal, shaped into final reports and reflections both written and spoken that are shared with supervisors and professors. As I’ve found with family members, the summary is often confined to a few sentences that use far too many blanket statements. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll have an … Continue reading Internship reflections


From my office desk, I can see cars and motorbikes jamming along Preah Monivong Boulevard and the ephemeral downpours soaking the street as I read through Cambodia’s Education Sector Plan for 2014-2018. I’ve grown increasingly familiar with that document: most of my work revolves around analysing policy and the constraints the country’s education system has in implementing it. As I mentioned in my last post, … Continue reading Work


Expat (ˈeks-ˌpat). Noun. An expatriate person, or someone who has withdrawn (him/herself) from residence in or allegiance to his/her native country. In GK’s migration class this summer, one of our assignments was to write up and present our personal or familial migration story, and this word turned out to be a tricky thorn in my side when writing up my narrative. See, in some ways, … Continue reading Interrogations

The language of the city

Three straps are beginning to criss-cross my feet in smooth, pale lines. Every time I look down, I see the hint of this tan and wonder how long it will take for it to boldly take over the visual landscape of my feet. I’ve always preferred walking to other modes of transportation, so after discovering that it takes only fifteen minutes by foot to get from … Continue reading The language of the city

Cambodia in context

I have not been breaking any mirrors. No black cat incidents. Zero travel under ladders. In other words, it seems I have been very lucky recently. I’m soon to begin my internship with ActionAid Cambodia (AAC), having spent this past month working on an unrelated literacy-based project at UNESCO in Paris. I was lucky to be offered the opportunity. Luckier because logistically it worked out. Even … Continue reading Cambodia in context