Wamweni’s Words of Wisdom

Hi all. For the blog post for this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Wamweni. Last semester, Wamweni and I spent many many hours on Zoom working on our group technical proposals, so it was great to be able to learn about her experiences outside of class. Below are the main highlights of our conversation: Leslie:  Can you tell us a little a bit … Continue reading Wamweni’s Words of Wisdom

Kako’s Knowledgeable Decisions

Kako is in her last semester of the IEDP. She is currently living in Fukui, Japan. The time difference between Fukui and Philadelphia meant that I had to wake up really early (for a Sunday) and she had to stay up late for us to be able to have this conversation. However, we had a great time chatting and I am happy to share the … Continue reading Kako’s Knowledgeable Decisions

Amy’s Adventures: A Community Health Volunteer’s Journey into Ed

Hi everyone! For today’s blog post, I had the opportunity to ask Amy Liang a couple of questions about her journey to the IEDP. Amy is the Graduate Assistant in charge of the IEDP’s Instagram (follow it!) and the monthly newsletter. Leslie: Can you tell me a little bit about your background? Amy: I’m a born and raised New York City native, and I went … Continue reading Amy’s Adventures: A Community Health Volunteer’s Journey into Ed

Ricardo’s Road to Penn

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we need to do is keep walking.” Buddhist Proverb  México I was born and raised in Mérida, Yucatán. I finished high school and started studying business administration in my hometown. In my second year of studies, as I went along with a “normal life” in my social context, I realized that I was facing the wrong … Continue reading Ricardo’s Road to Penn

A long and winding road

My background My path to IEDP was a bit unconventional. For one thing, my undergraduate degree was in classical music. For another, I received that degree twenty years ago. It was a winding road that brought me here, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision. For the past fifteen years I’ve worked in standardized test prep, both as a teacher and teacher trainer. I … Continue reading A long and winding road

Lena’s Lens

Hi all!  For the blog this week, I interviewed Lena Novak, one of the first IEDP students I talked to! Throughout the summer we chatted a little bit about our interests and her adventurous road trip from California to Pennsylvania. Lena is also the Graduate Assistant (GA) in charge of the IEDP facebook and twitter pages so be sure to follow them to stay updated … Continue reading Lena’s Lens

My application journey

Hola prospective applicants! My name is Leslie and I will manage the IEDP student blog this year. I can’t believe I have finally started my master’s at UPenn! Although we currently live in a time of great uncertainty and virtual meetings, it’s been great to meet my classmates from all around the world and to start my first semester of graduate school. A little bit … Continue reading My application journey