Living in University City

Hi everyone! Spring is usually a hectic semester for IEDPers and I am not the exception. This semester has been super busy due to the fact that I am taking four courses (one of which is our capstone class) and I am working/volunteering around twenty hours a week. These commitments have limited the time I have to write my own blog posts, but I am happy … Continue reading Living in University City

New semester, new city

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last post. At the end of last year, I decided to stick with my plan to move to Philly for the spring semester even though classes are still virtual, so…I am writing this post from my new studio apartment, located less than a mile from the Penn campus! So far, I love Philly, even though it is … Continue reading New semester, new city

Reflecting on the first month of classes…

Hi all. I cannot believe September has come to an end, which means I have completed my first month in the IEDP! As we say in Spanish: ¡Guau! I decided to only take 3 courses this semester (two core* classes and a quantitative elective) due to two reasons. First, I wanted to learn about the different focus areas within the educational development field through the … Continue reading Reflecting on the first month of classes…

Lena’s Lens

Hi all!  For the blog this week, I interviewed Lena Novak, one of the first IEDP students I talked to! Throughout the summer we chatted a little bit about our interests and her adventurous road trip from California to Pennsylvania. Lena is also the Graduate Assistant (GA) in charge of the IEDP facebook and twitter pages so be sure to follow them to stay updated … Continue reading Lena’s Lens

First week of remote learning!

My current location: Houston, Texas. As I mentioned in my first blog, I received my acceptance to IEDP in December of 2019! I was really relieved that I had a lot of time to prepare for the big move to Philadelphia. I was going to have eight months to look for a nice, affordable apartment, cool roommates, and a llama bedding set. Those were my … Continue reading First week of remote learning!

My application journey

Hola prospective applicants! My name is Leslie and I will manage the IEDP student blog this year. I can’t believe I have finally started my master’s at UPenn! Although we currently live in a time of great uncertainty and virtual meetings, it’s been great to meet my classmates from all around the world and to start my first semester of graduate school. A little bit … Continue reading My application journey