Asante Sana, Thank you, Kenya.

Well Well Well.  Time flew by so fast! I am in the last few weeks of my marathon, but I must say this… the experience has been great! In the first two months of my internship, I have been on a learning mode, in terms of skills, organizational culture, the work ethics, the logistics involved in a large-scale project implementation, data analysis and implementation, series … Continue reading Asante Sana, Thank you, Kenya.

Tooling and schooling around Nairobi

The beginning of the internship has been quite exciting. As an intern in the Monitoring and evaluation team, I am witnessing one of the busiest times of the year because the end line assessments and impact assessments for all the projects are here! The pressure at its peak, people running around the office, hundreds of meetings, people chasing invisible deadlines, is a daily routine in … Continue reading Tooling and schooling around Nairobi