Shway shway

“Little by little”…. Little by little, life in Amman is beginning to feel more normal. Days are relaxed and comfortable here, which is a welcome contrast to my hectic life at Penn! Though I hit the ground running when I first arrived– quite literally, considering the car accident mentioned in my last post— over the past two weeks I have really begun to settle in, … Continue reading Shway shway


God [Allah] willing! It’s a phrase I hear many, many times a day here in Jordan, from practically everyone around me. Sometimes it seems hopeful, sometimes it seems like an excuse, sometimes it kind of just seems like “like,” a default word to fill the gaps when you don’t know what else to say. I’m not usually one to think that things are ever out of my … Continue reading Inshallah

Jordan or Japan?

صباح الخير [sabah alkhyr], or good morning from Amman, Jordan! Sadly, after a week that’s still about the extent of my knowledge of Arabic…and it’s not even morning right now. And full disclosure: I had to google the correct romanization after learning it phonetically from my Uber driver (more on that later). I originally had it typed in my phone as “saba alhair”– you can go … Continue reading Jordan or Japan?