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Welcome to the IEDP blog!

Source: Pose, FX with novice photoshop editing by me

The new academic year brings a lot of novelty for the 2019-20 cohort of IEDP students in different ways: a new city, a new country, new homes, new concepts, new challenges, new perspectives, and new bonds. Despite our varied backgrounds (which span across multiple countries, areas of expertise, and personal, professional, and educational experiences), we are united by our interest in trying to understand educational development across the world.

Rain or shine, we have to take an orientation pic. Say hello to the 2019-20 cohort and core faculty members of IEDP!

My name is Brandon, and I’m one of these new faces as a first-year student in the IEDP at Penn GSE. As the this year’s IEDP Student Blog Manager, I hope to give you, our readers, a glance into the various aspects of what it’s like to be an IEDP student at Penn GSE through established series such as Journey to IEDP; A Day in the Life of an IEDPer, Literally; Bread, Butter, and Résumé Boost; and CIES. I would also like to hear any suggestions through the IEDP Blog Contact page of what content you would like to see since this Student Blog’s purpose is ultimately to provide better insight into what it’s like to be a student in the IEDP. I look forward to hearing from you and having you along for our journey!

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