New, New, New across the IEDP Blog

Welcome to the IEDP blog! The new academic year brings a lot of novelty for the 2019-20 cohort of IEDP students in different ways: a new city, a new country, new homes, new concepts, new challenges, new perspectives, and new bonds. Despite our varied backgrounds (which span across multiple countries, areas of expertise, and personal, professional, and educational experiences), we are united by our interest … Continue reading New, New, New across the IEDP Blog

Hasta Luego Roatán

My internship experience in Roatán was a rollercoaster ride zooming in slow motion. I definitely embraced its celebratory peaks, and screamed at its falls. But overall, I am happy with the experience, as I can confidently say it was a major learning experience for me. I have been going through a chronic medical issue for months now, and it was uncertain that I could actually … Continue reading Hasta Luego Roatán

Imperfect perfections

For a few moments, take a trip down memory lane with me. Think of a scenic flight you took or the opportunity you had to gaze down at a vista from atop a hill. Remember how perfect everything looked from far away? The straight-lined crop plantations, the flawlessly paved roads, the immaculate green of pine trees, it all looked so perfect. Almost too perfect. And … Continue reading Imperfect perfections

Travailler Dans Le Temps D’une Canicule

Work details: In my last blog I mentioned that my task is to really understand Epistemic Network Analysis and to think about how coding works in quantitative research. I attended a workshop where I learnt more about quantitative ethnography and the use of ENA to study international collaboration in STEM. Then I learnt more about it by reading a book by David Shaffer. It was … Continue reading Travailler Dans Le Temps D’une Canicule

What is better than one supervisor are two supervisors

My work at World Learning continues with more annotated bibliographies. (If you don’t know what they are, read my last post, or in fact, just don’t. Human beings are better off without knowing certain things.) In work related developments, though, I have an additional supervisor. The fantastic Radmila is also a Senior Education Specialist who is working on a donor-funded program that she wants me … Continue reading What is better than one supervisor are two supervisors

A capital internship

So, where does an International Educational Development intern go for his global internship; Washington DC, obviously. The seat of the US government, the city with crazy traffic and an even crazier assortment of non-profits. But my non-profit (not that I own it or anything) is particularly special. It is called ‘World Learning’ and amongst its many contributions to the world is its summer homestay study … Continue reading A capital internship