I’ll take 3 more months, please.

Although I have 4 more weeks of my internship to go, this will be my last blog post. My two months in Addis and at IICBA have been fantastic so far and I’m looking forward to what this last month will bring.  As I reflect on the time I’ve already spent here, it’s very clear what the best part of my internship has been – the people.

It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for all the people around me here in Addis. I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming and supportive group of people to work with. Moving anywhere new is nerve wrecking and overwhelming, but I already feel very at home in Addis and I have the IICBA staff to thank for that.  Whether it’s offering me a home cooked dinner (because I’m the worst cook), or helping me plan weekend trips around Ethiopia, or looking at the bites on my arm for the 10th time to check whether they’re bed bug bites (they weren’t!), there is always someone around who cares and wants to help. It’s more kindness than I could have possibly asked for.

OK I’ll stop being mushy now.  In addition to the people, I’ve also have gotten to have a lot of cool professional experiences. I’m getting a handful of curriculum experience writing the two teachers guides on reading instruction and ICT use in classrooms.  Working with the African Union on an upcoming teacher mobility workshop has been a perk of the internship. It’s been great to see how the AU works and what their education sector is doing.  I’ve also gotten the opportunity to work with and interact with other UNESCO offices and UN offices and that’s been a great learning experience.

While there are a couple of things from my time here I could do without (THE RAINY SEASON), I’ve overall loved Addis and my time here. I’m going to be sad to say goodbye in 4 weeks. If it wasn’t for those pesky student loans, another 3 or 6 months here would be ideal.

Anyways, all good things have to come to an end, including this blog. Thanks for reading about my internship experience, until next time!

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