Spotlight On…Brandon’s Internship & Job with UNESCO!

I recently spoke with Brandon, a 2021 IEDP graduate who is now working full-time at UNESCO Bangkok, where he completed a remote internship during spring semester 2021. Brandon was raised in Tennessee, and — prior to IEDP — worked in Bangkok as an English teacher.   Brandon has shared his experiences on the blog before — You can read more about his decision to apply to … Continue reading Spotlight On…Brandon’s Internship & Job with UNESCO!

November Blessings

My previous blogs for September and October, which detailed my arrival in Paris and my trainee-ship at UNESCO, were quite verbose. I have, therefore, decided for this third post to be a picture blog in chronological order. Side note: while we were still studying at Penn in Philadelphia, we would try and come up with instagram and twitter hashtags for IEDP (International Educational Development Program), … Continue reading November Blessings

Present and Possible Futures, a Parisian outlook

Right before departing for my internship, I had a sudden realization of how Bilbo Baggins felt- wanting to sip tea and have second breakfasts at home but eventually being swept off to the grandest, most unwarranted, rewarding and life-altering adventure of his life. Okay, I did exaggerate here. Truth be told, I had found so much comfort and ease in Canada in the month of … Continue reading Present and Possible Futures, a Parisian outlook


Some of my favorite work activities in Brasília so far have been official meetings, especially interagency meetings. UNESCO in Brazil being just one part of a larger organization, and UNESCO itself being just one of many agencies in the UN system, our office in Brasília communicates and collaborates a lot with other offices and agencies in Brasília, in the region and in the world. This … Continue reading Meetings

Wagwan educators?

I can’t believe my 5ish-months internship at UNESCO section for Teacher Development/International Teacher Taskforce for Education 2030 has come to an end. My last assignment was to provide support to the Secretariat of the Teacher Taskforce during the 11th Policy Dialogue Forum which took place just last week in Jamaica. Getting to see our work come to fruition during the Forum was one of the … Continue reading Wagwan educators?