Shkolla Verore 2018 (Summer Camp)

The last week of my internship was completed by the Summer Camp. I would say it was an excellent conclusion to my internship. This event was organized by the whole ASSET team. We worked really hard last month in order to make this event very productive and enjoyable for the students.

Our attendees
Our attendees

The total number of participants was 65. Basically, they were teachers and students from partner schools of Xhevdet Doda (Prishtina municipality) and Hajdar Dushi (Gjakova municipality). During two days (August 23-24) they participated in various activities such as Electronics, Media Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Music Technology. All activities were offered through attractive content during which students could co-operate with each other, learn and play at the same time.

The greeting speech of the Minister of Education, Technology and Science of Kosovo
The greeting speech of the Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo

The entrepreneurship session was facilitated by me and my colleague Hana Rizvanolli. It was a quite an interesting experience since the last time when I had been teaching was 10 years ago. Despite that fact, I tried to do my best by using different teaching methods. We included some interactive games, brainstorming activities, and videos. Overall it was a great experience with unexpectedly good feedbacks.

Our presentation
Our presentation

The session was instructed in English with translation into Albanian.


At the end of the Sunmmer Camp each participant got Certificate of Attendance.


One of the class activities
One of the class activities

In addition to working moments, I would like to sum up my pastime outside the office. So since I came to Kosovo I:

  • biked almost 360 km;
  • made trips to Albania (Durres, Shengjin) and Montenegro (Ulcinj);
  • explored main cities of Kosovo: Peja, Prizren, Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Gjakova;
  • was amazed by the beaty of natural parks: Rugova Valley and Rugoca Canyon (one of Europe’s longest and deepest canyons), Mirusha waterfalls (22 metres high waterfall), Novo brdo Fortress (Medieval Serbian fortress), Germia park (beautiful park that is near to Prishtina), Batlava lake (artificial lake and resort in the northern part of Kosovo).


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