IEDP Brunch!

Once again, Ania opened her lovely house for us to enjoy another delectable meal, this time with breakfast, savory foods, and mimosas. Just like Friendsgiving, we had a plethora of food and even better company. I must say, we’ve got a lot of great cooks in the program; more potlucks are definitely in order!

We finished the get together with a uber-cometitive game of Taboo, with Team One (*cough* my team *cough*) edging out Team Two 76-75. Fun fact: a lot of people in our program get really intense when it comes to games (yours truly included). There was almost a game of Spades played, but the twin demons of food comas and game exhaustion kept us chilling on the couch watching retro music videos.

I mentioned in earlier posts that the cohort had had some tension. Maybe it’s the passage of time, maybe it’s more effort on our parts to hang out, or maybe it’s the mutual joining forces against a common enemy… but it seems like that tension is dissipating. This, however, if simply my limited perspective on the situation, but I am usually a generalizing optimist anyway. Regardless of whether I’m right or not, this brunch was a hit, and it brought us all together on a crazily beautiful Saturday (70 degrees in February! What?!) to enjoy each other’s company. That’s all you can ask for, really.

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