All I do is work, work, work

Pretty much. My reticence on this blog has been the main factor in why you’re not getting a post every single day, but this isn’t revolutionary information. Graduate students are busy, and IEDP isn’t a cake walk.

That all being said, let me share with you some fun things that are occupying my time:


Meeting Harry Potter at his eponymous festival at Chestnut Hill. (Seriously, this kid looks exactly like him.)


So, I really like crossword puzzles, and luckily, the Daily Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Penn’s student-run paper) puts in a New York Times puzzle every day. When I need some distraction, I pull it out and go to work.


Alright, so this one technically isn’t “fun”, but it has been keeping me busy. This week starts early registration for next semester’s classes, and I’ve been trying to figure out which classes I want to take. While still trying to get over the fact that next semester will (kind of) be my last, since I’m trying to complete the program in a year, there are just so many awesome classes to take at Penn! This introductory list compiles all of the classes I thought looked interesting, or could help me. Now the fun part comes with paring it down into 5 (maybe 4) classes. Should be easy.


Attending talks by awesome speakers. In this case, Penn Law hosted UN Ambassador from Kenya, Macharia Kamau, to talk about the SGDs with a particular emphasis on climate change. Gotta take advantage of all the goings-on at Penn, y’all.

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