The words you come up with in technical proposals

Communitanitos of penals


Technical proposals are fun, especially when you work on them later at night. For Proseminar, our major assignment is a technical proposal, which essentially is a large-scale document that lists and defines the requirements of a project, and explains the approach and plan formulated to address them. Earlier in October, Dr. GK made everyone choose a region they wanted (yours truly went with Southeast Asia and the Pacific) and gave each group a request for proposals (RFP) from the All Children Reading competition. In essence, our project has to address literacy issues in a country of our choice using innovative technology. Since literacy is one of the topics I’m focusing on, this proposal is right up my alley.

Team 🇻🇺Vanuatu🇻🇺 (the country my group decided on) has been going strong. We did very well on our concept note, and are just finishing up a draft of our technical proposal for Dr. GK to look at before turning in a final version later in December. We figured it was better to get most of it done and out of the way early. And the more you write in your draft, the more constructive feedback you get from the professor. Our late night meetings may make us come up with strange words, but so far, I believe we’re rocking it.

Theory of change for the win


One of the benefits of IEDP is that the core courses really give you the practical skills that you’ll utilize in the field after graduation. We recently had second-year IEDP students talk to us about their internships during Prosem a few weeks back, and that was one of the major points they talked about- not only did the internship test their practical skills (M&E, writing theory of change and log frames galore), but also that the program had pretty much prepared them for it already. Hearing that was both gratifying and a huge relief- we’re not paying exclusively for theory. So working on this technical proposal has been incredibly valuable in knowing and practicing what really goes on in project development.

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