November Blessings

My previous blogs for September and October, which detailed my arrival in Paris and my trainee-ship at UNESCO, were quite verbose. I have, therefore, decided for this third post to be a picture blog in chronological order. Side note: while we were still studying at Penn in Philadelphia, we would try and come up with instagram and twitter hashtags for IEDP (International Educational Development Program), … Continue reading November Blessings

Wagwan educators?

I can’t believe my 5ish-months internship at UNESCO section for Teacher Development/International Teacher Taskforce for Education 2030 has come to an end. My last assignment was to provide support to the Secretariat of the Teacher Taskforce during the 11th Policy Dialogue Forum which took place just last week in Jamaica. Getting to see our work come to fruition during the Forum was one of the … Continue reading Wagwan educators?

Travailler Dans Le Temps D’une Canicule

Work details: In my last blog I mentioned that my task is to really understand Epistemic Network Analysis and to think about how coding works in quantitative research. I attended a workshop where I learnt more about quantitative ethnography and the use of ENA to study international collaboration in STEM. Then I learnt more about it by reading a book by David Shaffer. It was … Continue reading Travailler Dans Le Temps D’une Canicule