Tchau, Brasil!

My internship at the UNESCO Office in Brazil has ended! It’s a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true: time has absolutely flown by. Not just this summer internship either. This time last year, I was returning home from Peace Corps to start my master’s at Penn. Now I’m one semester away from finishing. (And to those of my cohort who have finished, congratulations!) During … Continue reading Tchau, Brasil!


Something that has amused me since my first day in Brazil is that my shower has ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ settings. It’s ‘winter’ here, and the ‘winter’ water temperature of my shower is “lukecold” on a good day. If there’s any chance that the ‘summer’ water is even colder, I’m not going to fiddle with it. Yesterday, I was amused to learn the English word elucubration via … Continue reading Amusement


Some of my favorite work activities in Brasília so far have been official meetings, especially interagency meetings. UNESCO in Brazil being just one part of a larger organization, and UNESCO itself being just one of many agencies in the UN system, our office in Brasília communicates and collaborates a lot with other offices and agencies in Brasília, in the region and in the world. This … Continue reading Meetings


Brasília is not like any other city I’ve ever visited, let alone lived in. It was designed and built from scratch relatively recently (1960). From above, it looks a little like an airplane, and it’s often referred to that way. There’s a ‘fuselage’ and a northern and southern wing. The fuselage is the seat of government as well as the location of several other symbolic … Continue reading City


As I mentioned, it’s already been two weeks since I came to Brasília. It seems longer to me, because I already feel quite at home. Getting here was easy. I flew from Philadelphia and had one layover in Miami. One thing that was the tiniest bit tricky was timing. We were scheduled to land in Brasilia at 5:00 am, and we ended up arriving early! … Continue reading Home


Bom dia! My name is Liam and I’m doing my IEDP internship at UNESCO in Brasília, Brazil. I just finished my first week at the office, and I’ve been in Brazil for almost two weeks. Quite a bit has happened, so I’m going to divide it up into a few posts (and not necessarily go in order). First, internship: I’m working for the director of … Continue reading Work