Jamaica Journal- how the journey ends

This blog post is slightly overdue but I needed the time and the distance to be truly reflective. The last few weeks in Kingston were filled with an abundance of activity such as report generations, handover meetings- a general flurry of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s if you will. The fact that it spanned over two weeks was because July and August are … Continue reading Jamaica Journal- how the journey ends

Jamaica Journal- 2 (technically 2-5)

Things move fast in the internship world- while I had every intention to blog more frequently, I find that my weeks have sped along (with no posts) and I’m now officially past the half way mark of my time here in Kingston. The Weeks: The travel Soon after I wrote the last blog post, I started traveling around the island on school visits with the … Continue reading Jamaica Journal- 2 (technically 2-5)