Hasta la Próxima

Hasta la próxima. Until next time. I’ve repeated these words many times over the past several days as I bid farewell to my co-workers and friends in Peru, and each time I’m reminded of how different this departure feels. Every time I’ve left Latin America, I’ve been able to anticipate when I’d be coming back for my next extended stay. This time, as I hugged … Continue reading Hasta la Próxima

Out of the Office and into the Amazon

After an hour plane ride, 10-minutes on a mototaxi, and two hours in a deslizador (motorboat), two of my co-workers and I had arrived at Nueva Betania, an indigenous Shipibo community of approximately 400 residents in the jungle of Ucayali, Peru. We were there to meet with teachers, students, and other community members and gather their perspectives on the impact of UNICEF’s Escuelas Amigas program.   … Continue reading Out of the Office and into the Amazon