Introducing IEDP 2021-22!

The 2021-22 cohort hails from 25 countries!

All has been quiet on the IEDP blog – though our lives have been anything but! Following a summer of changing pandemic guidelines, scrambling for visas, masked flights and jet lag…the IEDP 2021-22 cohort has (mostly) arrived on campus!

This year, things look much different: Most of us are living on or near campus, and many of us are attending classes in person. Some of us have a synchronous class or two online, and we’ve all experienced the newer hybrid model in which some members of the class community (including, in some cases, our professors!) call into class via Zoom while the rest of us gather in person.

Group work in a hybrid class: Zoom, masks, and theory!

The challenges we’ve experienced in those hybrid settings are not unlike those experienced last year: spotty WiFi, our faces freezing awkwardly – and what hybrid class would be complete without at least one person forgetting to unmute themselves?! But as organizations across the globe reimagine their expectations for where and how they collaborate post-pandemic, our hybrid landscape is giving us real-time preparation for our careers – whatever and wherever they may be.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce a few members of the largest-ever IEDP cohort: 47 students hailing from 25 countries!

Emmanuella, Nigeria
Toto, Thailand
Carl, Philippines
Paula, Colombia

5 thoughts on “Introducing IEDP 2021-22!

  1. Good to see and hear from the new cohort of IDEPer. I wish ed I was in this cohort too but hope I will be in the next. I would like to connect with anyone who is willing to especially Emmanuella from Nigeria. I would really like to get insight about application, her stay in philly and how she copes with leaving her family back in Nigeria for studies. My email is Thank you.


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