Farewell in Beijing

Great time is always short, unconsciously, this is the last a few days of my internship at UNESCO Beijing. In recent months working here, I have seen familiar interns coming and leaving, but never thought it would be my turn to leave this place and my friends so soon. Yes, I have become friends with the coworkers who are so interesting and kind, and it is so hard to say goodbye to them. Although it is the last a few days, it is worth to be valued than any time before.

I started to memorize the work I have done during this internship and the lessons I have learned from. The most interesting thing I have learned here is the editing skill, which I learned during the process of preparing the lecture videos for the director. I felt so proud seeing my edited videos shown on the screen of the meetings. Another skill worth to be mentioned is the communication skill, not only the official email writing but also the public published articles such as the wechat articles published on the social media.

Besides, the work here also gave me a chance to learn how to deal with multiple tasks at the same time. Since there are multiple projects are ongoing and the details of the projects are complicated, I had to plan the schedule into hours everyday so that every project will meet its pace. I was really nervous at the beginning of the internship about dealing with this, afraid of make any mistakes in missing any details or time limitation. However, I got used to the work with the help of my supervisor, Tianzhou Zhao, the program assistant. She created clear and detailed categories of the folders based on different projects, missions and materials, with the clear title including the important information such as the region, the time and so on. It greatly relieved my anxiety after learning the multi-tasking skill.

We several interns went to a bar last weekend for the farewell for another intern and the upcoming farewell for me. The view was quite beautiful and it reminds of the internship story starts and ends in such a beautiful city. Farewell and see you again.

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