About my work in Beijing office

Time flies, I have been working as an intern in Beijing office over two months. Let me introduce what I have done at work so far. Our geographical scope contains East Asian Countries (China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea). We organized and participated a number of meetings, workshops and events related to education impact in these regions. My job is to assist to contact the participants by email and confirm their schedule with UNESCO Bejing and the agencies, to prepare the paperwork and the slides needed for the events, to write the articles published on the social media such as wechat articles to report the events as well as the important information UNESCO needs to announce via our platform.

The work here is busy but quite fun. One of the most impressive projects is the Third Consultation of UNESCO ASPnet (National Coordinators from the cluster countries of UNESCO Beijing Office), which was held a month ago in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The project aimed to promote global values and skills in education institutions at local level that nurture young people to be responsible citizens. This consultation meeting was organized by us UNESCO Beijing Office, in close collaboration with Mongolia National Commission for UNESCO and Mongolian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports (MECSS). I participated closely from the very beginning preparation to the end since I started my internship, it was my first complete project participated so close in.

Although I did not go the meeting by myself, I still felt really excited when I saw the pictures sent back to us from our specialist. I felt so proud of myself when I saw the participants whom I contacted one by one all appeared on the meeting and gave their speech and perspectives. By the way, a total of 30 participants including the ASPnet National Coordinators from Japan, Mongolia, China and Republic of Korea, the UNESCO Category II Centre International Center for the UNESCO ASPnet (ICUA), Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) and teachers from various ASPnet schools in Mongolia attended the meeting.

The consultation concluded successfully with the major outcome to implement a sub-regional project on Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development in the East Asia region. The sub-regional project will be aligned with the SDGs, national strategies and ASPnet global strategy. The project is expected to be implemented over three years as of 2020. It is an honor for me to be a part of the team promoting it happens.

The work like this are happening everyday. Actually it is my first time to have a chance to participate in organizing and playing a role in so many deep influenced meetings and events. Hope I can contribute as much as I can in the last month.

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