First impression of internship in Beijing office

Greetings from Beijing! After spending some lovely days here, I can’t wait to talk about my work experience as an intern at education sector, UNESCO Beijing office.

Colleagues here are very enthusiastic and diversified in background. There are a number of interns at my age in the office and most of us were assigned to sit together at the one side of the office, which cultivates a really nice vibe among us. Luckily, I was busy with accepting the warm help and guidance from my colleagues in the first few days and I realized interns here have the tradition of helping each other with full support all the time.

We talk about the job hunting, office skills and interests in spare time and we even host the lunch session regularly–there is a speaker sharing his experience in career or other interest each time after lunch. The theme is based on the personal interest of the lecturer and announced in advance by email, people who are interested in the theme will attend the session. The picture below shows one of the lunch sessions given by one of the interns from the culture sector and his theme was about the Taoism.

It’s very advantageous to work in such a place in a big city like Beijing. The office is located at the diplomatic apartment, next to a number of embassies and closed to Ritan Park, a famous Chinese park full of Chinese traditional landscape. We can take a walk in the park after meals during break. Such superior geographical position not only provides a great convenience in transportation but also gives me a chance to know what the life is like in the field of diplomacy in China, which was mysterious to me. What impressed me the most on this point happened a few days before China’s National Day when I passed by one of the embassies after work, hearing the beautiful singing performance of Chinese red songs by the recognized Chinese singer.

Accompanied by interesting insights, but also accompanied by separations with leaving interns, which encourages me to value the life here as a member of such lovely team. We take pictures each time when an intern leaves us and below is one of those memories.

It is so lucky for me to work in such a lovely place in such beautiful season in Beijing. Getting ready for the challenges coming on the way!

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