The end or the beginning?

(Dated 7th September 2019)

Reflecting on the first day of my internship, I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach and a sense of anxiety and nervousness as I did not know what to expect, what kind of opportunities I would come across, and what kind of relationships I would establish. Will I be able to make the most of the resources and limited time I have? Will I fit in? Will I stand out or not be noticed at all? These were questions that only time could answer. But with all that uncertainties, there was a feeling of excitement and the eagerness to learn that overrode them all. From that day to today, I sure have come a long way as I navigated through my internship one day at a time and I can tell with certainty that I have earned a lot along the way.

1. Earned a mentor:
The internship experience would not have been the same without my supervisor Owen Ozier. Owen is one of the kindest, simplest and modest people I have come across. He has an extremely positive character and can easily put people at ease. Apart from the technical skills he has helped me develop this summer, he showed me what a great supervisor and leader looks like. He would take extra time and effort to break things down to a level that I would understand and give me the space to build upon from there. He would always find a way to offer a word of encouragement and acknowledged and appreciated the hard work that I put into the tasks he provided me with. He never led or motivated me with fear rather gave me the resources to succeed in my tasks and always had an open door for any ideas, suggestions, comments, and concerns. I am glad I found a mentor in him.

2. Earned meaningful connections and friendships:
In navigating my life as an intern at the Bank, I was surprised by how quickly the initial feeling of being lost turned into the feeling of belongingness. It did not take me long to realize that this was because of the people who worked at the institution to make it what it is, because of the diversity that existed within the employees, and because of the friendly and welcoming work culture where as if everyone was working towards a common goal and purpose that was bigger than themselves. As I started building my network and meeting people, I listened to their backgrounds and stories, their career trajectories, and things that they care about. Their passion and purpose for why they do what they do were truly contagious, and I could not help but feel a common connection with them. Every person that I met was on a mission to somehow contribute their skills and expertise for the greater good of the world. They were so generous and willing to help me out with any questions I had either about a task or my career goals. I had the fortune to have established such meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. Special shout-out to my friend Salome for being such a beautiful human being inside and out. We never got to take a picture together but here is a picture to show how happy I would be to see her right now. Miss you Salome.

3. Earned an experience of a lifetime:
As my first time working in such a supranational organization and also my first time working in the U.S., to even be a part of the organization and learn about its work and the systems from within was an opportunity of a lifetime. With impact, integrity, respect, innovation, and teamwork as its core values, the World Bank is a place where power meets purpose to solve the most pressing issues in the world. Carrying its badge demands huge responsibilities towards the institution and its mission and I am glad I earned this experience through my internship. Is it the end? Walking out of my office on the last day, it sure didn’t feel like the end, rather a new beginning.

Until next time!

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