Projects & Platforms & Programmes, Oh my!


As promised, I wanted to provide a snapshot of the projects I’ve been working on this summer!*

*Note: We are trying to spread awareness about our projects and platforms in order to engage as many people as possible. For this reason, I’m openly sharing what we’ve been up to! Other organizations may have different policies about this. Something to keep in mind if you are a future IEDP-er!

YEM Project


The tweet below explains a bit about the importance of a project focused on youth employment. My supervisor specializes in the UNEVOC area of the Arab States which is why I’ve been helping out!

YEM tweet

This summer, I worked on the data visualization you will see on each of the country pages. I learned a ton about back-end website codes, helped replenish the publications repository, and copy edited the written elements as needed! It was helpful for me to have had experience with the databases where we gathered our stats (International Labour Organization, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, World Bank Open Data, and more!) from my classes in IEDP!

Compiling data to add info to the YEM country pages

We are now in the process of planning a workshop where the key stakeholders of the YEM project will meet together, get to know one another, and collaborate on projects within their regions.

Leadership Programme


In order to increase the impact of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) programs around the world, UNEVOC brings together TVET leaders for a 2-week capacity building programme. The Programme focuses on creating a vision for the future, accessing the necessary knowledge to achieve that vision, and acquiring the skills to put the whole plan in motion. We hosted participants from 24 countries this year! Each of them represented a different school, company, or government body with an interest or specialization in TVET. You can read more about the speakers and events associated with the Programme by visiting UNESCO-UNEVOC’s twitter page!

The conference room is ready for participants to arrive!

I really enjoyed being with the participants during their field visits and learning from experts in the field during the workshop portions of the program! I am excited about the future of TVET!

Field visit to a TVET institution in Germany. Permission was given before pictures were taken.

BILT Programme


The BILT (Building Innovation and Learning in TVET) project was also an effort to bring together key TVET stakeholders. However, this event focused on the European region. This conference was a whirlwind 2-day strategic planning workshop. Participants worked together to identify key issues, consider options for collaboration, and plan ways to better meet the needs of TVET students, employers, leaders, and teachers.

UNEVOC World Youth Skills Day


We also worked tirelessly to organize pictures and communicate with contestants for the World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) Photo Competition on July 15! Again, if you’d like to see more, visit UNEVOC’s Twitter page! The pictures were shown at the UNESCO celebration for WYSD in New York. It was so fun to go through all of the submissions and see TVET through the eyes of young people from all over the world.


The best part of all of these projects is definitely the people I’ve been able to work with. Each member of the staff is brilliant and dedicated. I love working with passionate people!

That’s all for now! Tschüss!

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