Happy Halloween!

It’s been only a week since we reflected on our midterms experiences (read: supposedly done with paper/assignment/exam frenzy for now…?) but it feels as if school waits for no one really. Our cohort very soon was swamped with next series of various types of assignments, which can feel overwhelming at times.

But one has to remember: IEDP experience is NOT ALL ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS AND CLASSES! We value our friends, and we value spending time together. Yes, that paper won’t write itself. And also, honestly, if you feel stuck, it’s always a smart move to get off your desk and take some break — that will help you increase your efficacy!

Ale and her roommates were very kind to let us host our Halloween party at her place so a few of us arrived a bit early to decorate the place. (By the way, she has wrote a post for this blog before so check it out!)


Some of the highlights of the night include…


Building ginger bread house, (it was actually chocolate cookie, not ginger bread)


Mini-donut race while blindfolded,


And super dope costumes! (Shristi, on the right, has dressed up as her husband Pukar and Emi, on the left, has dressed up as Shristi!)

It was great to have (almost) everyone together (for those who weren’t there, you were ver missed! really looking forward to hanging with you next time!) and just relax, talk, have food and have fun!


Here is some of our attempts to make funny faces #struggles


And here is the happy one!

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