Branching Out of GSE: Courses in Other Schools

So in the next few weeks, expect a sentimental, end-of-year sappy wrap-up post. And then get ready for internship updates! But there is one (unrelated) post I wanted to get out first.

When I was shopping for classes, I kept hearing one piece of advice over and over again: take classes outside of GSE. (In fact, I think I gave you the same advice earlier this year.) So I wanted to share some of the courses that this year’s cohort has taken in other schools. As you can see we really like SP2, but we really are all over the place, and students are taking courses in the Annenberg School for Communications, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Engineering as well.


Course: Social Entrepeneurship

School: School of Social Policy and Practice

“One course I took this semester that I really liked was Social Entrepreneurship with Dr. Peter Frumpkin. While I won’t be starting my own venture any time soon, it was great to learn things like competitor analyses, income statements and marketing matrices because they’re useful tools to have in any setting. Dr. Frumpkin has a ton of experience working with entrepreneurs and so we learned a lot from the real-life examples he shared and the speakers he brought in. If you’re looking for a glass outside of GSE, I’d definitely recommend it.”

Course: Public communications

School: FELS

“An amazing class with a diverse group of students from Wharton, Penn Law, FELS and GSE. The aim of the class was to “speak your truth”. Every week, we had to deliver a well prepared speech in front of the class to inspire them, persuade them or just narrate a part of your life. Immediate feedback from peers and the professor ensured our skills development. We also felt like a community as each of us were speaking our innermost thoughts. My biggest takeaway from the class is to understand the power of stories and how stories paint a picture in the minds of the audience.”

Course: Community Mapping

School: School of Social Policy and Practice

“It’s taught by Amy Hillier. Hands down the best class I took at Penn. You learn a skill (GIS mapping), and it’s taught in a way that’s useful for people who want to study social issues. And the professor is amazing – she knows her stuff and is genuinely interesting in enabling you to learn.”

Course: Strategic Management and Leadership for Non-Profits

School: School of Social Policy and Practice

“This is a great opportunity to partner with a organization in the Philadelphia area, and get hands-on experience working on an actual project with a local non-profit. My group worked with a local school to design a long-term fundraising strategy. The professor, Chao Guo, is also great too – he really cares about his students and their experience in the course.”

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