If you are interested in hearing about IEDP (internship) experiences other than those of yours truly, then check out my classmates’ blogs! While this isn’t a complete list,, it will give you a sense of what IEDP students do during their internships and how they evaluate the work they’re doing. (PSA: some of these blogs may not be operating/full of posts just yet, since some of us are leaving for the internships in July or later. Bear with us!)

Find IEDP in:

Jordan- www.ewjj.wordpress.com

Nepal- https://languagerevitalizationinnepal.wordpress.com/

Madagascar- homeunbound.wordpress.com

South Africa- www.thereignxy.com/gabbys-world

Honduras- https://gvshonduras.wordpress.com/

Ecuador- https://jazchuinthemiddle.wordpress.com/

Washington, DC- https://madihastraveldiary.wordpress.com/

Senegal- http://senegaliving.wordpress.com

South Africa- aishabinjozi.wordpress.com

India- cmmaguire.wordpress.com

Ivory Coast- lavie2017enabidjan.wordpress.com

India- https://www.morganbelveal.me/blog