A day of service

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I and 7 other IEDPers met at the Mill Creek Rec Center in West Philly to help clean up its inside and schlack a fresh coat of paint on its walls. (Believe me–or the photos–but it was much needed; that yellow/brown combination had to go.) We were joined by some Penn Law students and bonded over TfA connections and twin names (seriously, another Erin and Ania, who’d’ve guessed?) The staff at Mill Creek, Patrick, William, and Hope, were so sweet and awesome; it was great chatting with them and learning more about the center. Apparently the center relies on volunteers to make changes like these, so we were eager to help brighten the space up.


Us IEDPers in the hall began playing and singing Disney songs, making the main hall volunteers (probably) very jealous.


Daniel and Shri getting their paint on (their clothes)

And here’s the group! Look at all that love!


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