Spotlight On…IEDP GAs!

Each year, the IEDP program has a team of several Graduate Assistants — GAs — who support various aspects of the program. The GAs work behind the scenes to publish content that highlights the program. And hugely important in shaping the IEDP community are our many events throughout the year (check out the highlights on Instagram)– also organized by the IEDP GAs. Quick links: YouTube … Continue reading Spotlight On…IEDP GAs!

Spotlight On…Resident Advisors!

I recently sat down with Anishka and Paula, two first-year IEDP students who are Resident Advisors (RAs). Anishka is from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Paula (remember her?!) is from Ibagué, Colombia.  Anishka is an RA for Gregory College House, and Paula is an RA for New College House.  I don’t serve as an RA myself, but several people in my cohort do. I wanted to … Continue reading Spotlight On…Resident Advisors!