Internship Insights – Amy Liang

Hi IEDPers! My name is Amy Liang, 2022 graduate of the IEDP Program. I completed my internship with the Early Childhood Education team at UNICEF Headquarters during my final semester and had the opportunity to extend the internship for three months post-graduating. The decision to extend was mostly due to circumstance; I happened to be moving back to New York City, where UNICEF HQ offices … Continue reading Internship Insights – Amy Liang

The 3 Cs of My IEDP Thus Far

Aishwarya Shetty On August 25th, I set foot in the USA for the first time. CNN, Netflix, and Instagram informed everything I knew about the country. Though Indian, I flew in from Qatar, where I spent most of my years growing up. If my life were a rom-com movie, the voiceover for me waiting for my Uber at the airport would say, “There she is, … Continue reading The 3 Cs of My IEDP Thus Far